The American Marketing Association Consulting Committee works with start-ups and local businesses to promote marketing tactics and create plans to help businesses succeed. Each year we work with different companies to provide our members with a new experience, as well as help our local community at no cost to them. This is a great opportunity if you are a member of AMA looking to gain external consulting experience. 


To explore past projects, click here. If you are a business looking for consulting help at no cost, please feel free to reach out to


Our Consulting Committee works hard to give companies the help they need to succeed. Below is a list of clients we have consulted for and helped create an impact in their communities. If you are interested in becoming an AMA Consulting client at no cost, please reach out to View past consulting projects here.

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"AMA Illinois provides a unique understanding of the college student demographic that other companies may lack to keep up with. Our active members understand what young adults are looking for and will do their best to provide that insight to your business strategy. "

Luka Ilic, Project Director