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Skoller UIUC Logo.png
Skoller Promotions Project

The AMA Promotions team was assigned a task from Skoller to transform the Skoller logo to fit the University of Illinois Culture. Our team used their creative thought to come up with a few designs to share with the Skoller team to promote their brand around campus.

Four Growth Recommendations Project

The AMA Consulting Team was tasked with providing advice to Four, a breakfast restaurant located on campus. The group of consultants collected data ranging from which products were ordered the most to the average amount of money spent. Using their data, the team constructed a step by step instruction manual of how they recommended Four went about growing their company, simplifying their menu, and understanding the collegiate market's needs.

PVP Bakery SWOT Analysis

The AMA Consulting Committee was hired to perform a SWOT analysis for the PVP Bakery in Champaign, IL. The analysis included different growth strategies the company could consider adopting to compete in its market. Each strategy included potential benefits and risks associated with it and described Porter's 5 competitive forces when entering a new market.

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