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Partnership With AMA

Creating a partnership with AMA is mutually beneficial many reasons:


Networking Opportunities

A relationship with AMA creates a great networking opportunity. Students in our chapter are interested in pursuing careers related to marketing and partnering with our chapter allows your company direct access to these students.


Skill Enhancement

Partnerships help foster greater learning experiences for students. Sponsorships allow our chapter the ability to provide more programming opportunities that teach members skills, beneficial for pursuing professional careers. Our members also benefit from learning from professionals. Ultimately, a greater learning experience for students is an asset to businesses who are looking to hire bright, talented students, because they will have more knowledge of the field.


Strengthen Ties with the University of Illinois

Partnering with AMA creates a stronger tie between your business and our University. The University of Illinois is a high performing school, and highly ranked university by U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges. Specifically, the University of Illinois Gies College of Business is ranked 19th nationally!


Greater Exposure

We display our partner’s logos on a variety of platforms. This is a new AMA webpage where we display our partner’s logo and a link to each partner’s webpage. Partners also gain exposure on Quad Day where they will have their logo displayed on all of our chapter newsletters, announcements, and on our t-shirts. 

Check our our Corporate Sponsorship Packet to become a sponsor!

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